Duck Lovey
Duck Lovey
Duck Lovey

Duck Lovey

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This sweet duck lovey is perfect for all the loveable snuggles! 

 All products are 100% handmade by me, for you, with love! 

*Due to each item being handmade, there may be slight variations.

16x12 inches.

Faux Llama Fur/Wool Felt.

To keep your lovey feeling soft and new, we recommend you hand wash in cold water for best results, or with like colors on delicate and air dry/tumble dry low. Since heads are stuffed they may lose their shape after significant use, simply fluff it like you would a pillow to restore its shape.

*DISCLAIMER: Loveys/ blankets/ pacifier holders for babies and children are to be used with SUPERVISON ONLY. NEVER leave blankets/loveys/pacifier holders with a sleeping child unattended. Please follow safe sleeping guidelines when it comes to young children/ babies and blankets/loveys/pacifier holders of any kind.